"Sugar" is a general term that refers to a carbohydrate with a molecular formula Cn(H2O)n. Despite being one of the most typical substructures in molecules produced by living organisms, they do not affect the principal activity of the aglycon. Moreover, their highly redundant structures can prevent from the efficient understanding of the main biological activities of the molecule. This application allows to computationally remove sugar structures from the submitted molecules. Different options are available: removal of all sugars, removal of only ring sugars or only linear sugars, and removal of only terminal ring and terminal linear sugars. Here, a terminal sugar is defined as a substructure that, when removed, does not split the parent structure in two or more disconnected substructures.

It is also possible to remove only the ring sugars that are connected to the parent structure by a glycosidic bond.

Th command line application, with more options and parameters can be downloaded here

The Sugar Remover Utility is developed and maintained by the Steinbeck group at the University Friedrich-Schiller in Jena, Germany.

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